The Haldimand Abilities Centre​

Looking beyond disabilities, focusing on capabilities and expanding possibilities.​


Ashley Everets

Ashley began her career at the HAC in 2010. She is a Recreation Therapist with Head Injury Rehabilitation Ontario and you will see her facilitating programs at the HAC. Ashley likes to bring enthusiasm, creativity and a good time to work! In her personal time you can catch her laughing and joking with family and friends. She loves anything about baseball and hanging out with her dogs, Daisy and Lou.

Cassandra Shepherd

Cassandra has been a program facilitator at the HAC  for over a year and works for Vision Loss Rehabilitation Ontario.  She has an educational background in Social Service Work and originally started at the HAC as a volunteer.  Cassandra sees herself as being approachable and hopes participants will come to her if they need a listening ear.  She is best described as supportive.  Her personal hobbies include colouring, reading and word searches.  She also enjoys music and movies.

Cindy Beaver

The HAC is fortunate to have had Cindy keeping us all organized for the last 11 years.  As a graduate of the Connestoga College Legal Secretarial Program Cindy has worked in the field as an administrative assistant for over 25 year.  It is her commitment to organization and logic that keeps us all in order!  In her spare time, Cindy enjoys gardening, jigsaw puzzles and caring for her pets.

David Wallis

David is excited to be here at the HAC as the Manager of Health Promotion and Education.  David is an employee of the Alzheimer's Society and has an education in Human Services and the Non-Profit Sector.  David brings his positive outlook and optimistic sense of humour to the team.  David sees himself as an original!  In his free time David enjoys music, his dog, travelling and photography.  

Lakeisha Thelwell

Lakeisha is a Rehabilitation Facilitator at the HAC and has been a part of the team since 2017. Lakeisha is employed by Head Injury Rehabilitation Ontario and has an education in Recreation Therapy. As a team member Lakeisha sees her strengths in her innovative ideas, organization skills and her cooking abilities! In her free time Lakeisha plays competitive soccer, enjoys reading thriller novels and watching Marvel movies.

Sherri Miller

Sherri has been working for the Alzheimer Society of Haldimand Norfolk for over ten years.  She is the inspiration behind the Sit to Be Fit Program which is a highly successful fitness program for adults offering over 140 classes each week! She is passionate about making fitness fun and enjoyable for all.  Sherri sees herself as approachable so if you have a question, ask it!  In her spare time, Sherri enjoys exercise and woodworking.

Yvonne Nardi

Yvonne is an employee of the Alzheimer's Society and has worked at the HAC as a Counsellor and Program Facilitator since November 2011.  She is a Social Service Worker but also studied Canadian History and Political Science.  As an essential member of the HAC, Yvonne brings humour, knowledge, caring and endless amounts of trivia to the team.  She is creative and enjoys art, reading, cats and dogs as personal hobbies.